Principal’s Message

With the number of educated unemployed young men and women mounting day by day need-based, job-oriented professional education is the cry of the day. And in this e-age, computer and IT related technologists and professionals dominated the job market now. The educational planners and managers of our country - the Government and the Universities have readily responded to the growing demand of the day. They have come forward with their programme for professional courses, creating career opportunities for the youth of our country. In view of the need of the society, The University of Burdwan, too, has its programme for professional courses like BCA (Hons.), BBA(Hons.), BBA in T & M (Hons.), B. Sc. in Biotechnology, B. Sc. in Biochemistry, B. Sc. in Microbiology), MCA, MBA, and MBA in T & M etc.

When we look at the problem locally, we find a huge number of students of this state are in an exodus to southern states every year for pursuing higher studies in these professional courses, and that too spending an exorbitant amount. In this developing district of Bankura the scope of this type of technical education is more limited.

In compliance with The University of Burdwan's educational programme of according affiliation to professional courses, a few professionally qualified individuals, energetic responsive and well-experienced in their fields, came forward to set up the ICIS College, in 2001 with the aim of mitigating the miserable plight of our students and to help them have IT and management education at an affordable cost. To create a unique environment for learning befitting the needs of our country - individual, social and industrial - in the new millennium, is our vision. To prepare aband of youth with up-to date knowledge and technical skill to face and fight any challenge - global or national is our mission.

ICIS College, Bankura is the First IT and Management based degree college in the district of bankura now affiliated to Bankura University. The college offering at present BCA (Hons.) and BBA (Hons.). These arr all regular, full time three year honours degree courses.